Emerald Platform
Libraries and tools to build Dapps and integrate existing services with Ethereum blockchain
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Open Source
Open Source, absoutely free to use, and licensed under commercial friendly license Apache 2
Target Platform Agnostic
Can be used to build Desktop app (with Electron), Mobile app and Web app. Also provides tools and services that can be embedded into other applications through RPC API or through command line scripting
Originally designed for Ethereum Classic, but compatible with any Ethereum based blockchain, including private chains. Some components, such as SVG icons or many UI components can be helpful for applications targeting other blockchains
What you'll get
Javascript Library
Javascript modules to easily access Ethereum network and APIs, wrap and convert data types, easy build dapps with Electron, launch full node (Geth) directly from Node.js, and many other features
Rust Library
Rust library to create, manage and use private keys, sign transactions, including support of Hardware Wallets. Can be used as a Rust Crate, a shared library or trough FFI, as well as a separate binary app
React Components
Set of standard elements suitable for a Dapp distributed as React components. Includes ready to use components for addresses, transactions, etc
Command Line utilities
Access blockchain, send transactions and integrate with existing services from command line or Bash scripts, or accessible through and API in a microservice environment
SVG Icons
Most of common blockchain elements and actions available as SVG icons
Style Guide
Ready to use components accessible trough an API, such as JSON RPC or Protobuf
Javascript Library
Set of common React components to build UI interacting with Ethereum blockchains; automatically updates information on screen based on changes in a smart contract or other blockchain data
Minimalistic SVG icons for every aspect of blockchain. Block, transaction, hardware wallet, smart contract, token and many others
Wrapper around RPC, a common Javascript to interact with a blockchain
Rust Library
crate emerald-rs
Common components to interact with Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, manage Private Keys, sign transactions and many more

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